Anatoly Kontsub is a famous Belarusian artist in painting and ceramics.

He was born on 13th of July 1949 in a village Kolki, Brest region. His childhood and schools he spent in David Gorodok, Polesye.

From 1966 to 1971 he studied at Belarusian State Theatrical and Art Institute (now it is Belarusian Art Academy) at department of ceramics and glass.

Since 1971 he has been living in Bobruisk. For more than thirty years he taught in Bobruisk Art College, where he organized training of specialists in art ceramics. Thereafter he worked in Bobruisk art studios.

Since 1976 he is a permanent participant of Belarusian and foreign exhibitions that took places in Bobruisk, Mogilev, Minsk (Belarus); Moscow (Russia); Gabrovo (Bulgaria); Warsaw, Torun (Poland); Linz (Austria). Solo exhibitions: Minsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Slutsk, Soligorsk, Zhlobin.

In 1980 he became a member of union of USSR artists, now he is a member of Belarusian union of artists. He is an honoured worker of popular education in Belarus (1991).

He is a participant of international plain-airs in ceramics and painting in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland. Works of Kontsub are at Belarusian National Art Museum, in a set of Belarusian union of artists, In Mogilev Art Museum in the name of Maslennikov, at museums and privet collections in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, USA.

Anatoly Kontsub is a ceramist by education, he knows and likes this uneasy art – craft, but for some time past he has been working in painting. In his works he avoids unambiguity and simplicity, the clear things are mysterious and poetic while fancy is natural and prosy. Predilection to a plot, that is alien for painting, can be justified by idea sincerity and by a stream of improvisations. Straight and bent lines, clear colour spots, accuracy of fulfillment, plenty of citations and repeats create personal inimitable style of the artist and wonderful aura of his works.

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